Lunch Time Sports Return To BYMS


 BYMS is now offering break and lunchtime sports including basketball, ping pong, corn hole.

Mr. Kish, BYMS ASB stated “I just guide my students in terms of selecting appropriate and effective games.” He also says that the students in ASB Leadership typically make the decisions as to what the student body would enjoy. Mr. Kish believes that any kind of live interaction between students is increasingly important during the pandemic. Also, our student engagement has “improved, and that we’re beginning to make a difference.” 


Mrs. Fisher, BYMS principal,  held a unique position in creating the activities. She observed that, even during the pandemic, after creating the games, the “…energy is much higher…”  It was also said  that as we enter the lower tiers “…we have been open to open up more opportunities for engagement…” So we may see more engaging activities in the future.  


The ASB treasurer, Abigail Phan, also responded to an interview with The Matador Messenger. She thinks that it’s a fun way to engage with other students and have something else to do during lunchtime. Abigail says that “Playing the games with the school lets us students have more fun together and give us an opportunity to have fun with people who may not be in our usual groups.” Another upside is that the games are different every time. It can be exciting to participate or watch. 


Abigail also mentions that some of the successes of the games have been that they can bring together groups of people who were not as connected before. That the games have helped students feel more connected to BYMS and part of the community. In one last thought, Abigail said that from her experience, watching and playing the school-wide games have always been the highlight of her lunches. She anticipates seeing more in the near future.


Mckenzie Anderson, a 7th-grade student, stated that she believes the games the school has presented are a “…great way for people to interact…”. She says that these activities have presented many opportunities for students to feel included and happy to be able to hang out with other people than their normal groups. Mckenzie also mentions that she likes the ping pong activity the best. Her thoughts about the successes of these activities are that people actually enjoy them and play them during break and lunch.


Another student, Kanen Stiles agrees with Mckenzie in saying that the games are a “…great way to meet new people…”. He believes that the games were a great idea, and they provide entertainment and make lunchtime more fun. In his opinion, these games are a great way of making students feel happier and welcomed to BYMS.