BYMS Physical Education Finds Ways to Stay Active During the Pandemic


Photograph Courtesy of Travis Rivera

Mrs. Torres’ First Period class plays 3v3 lacrosse

“Currently, the goal is to continue to motivate students to stay active by providing fun activities,” BYMS physical education teacher Mrs. Torres explained during an interview with the Matador Messenger. During the “hybrid model,” Torres, along with BYMS PE teacher Tim Roach, have developed creative methods for their students to stay active and healthy.

“I am definitely trying to think outside the box so students enjoy participating in PE, especially if it’s the only time they get to be outside and active,” stated Mrs. Torres. Because of COVID-19 guidelines, PE students have been restricted from doing many activities, or sports that would typically be played. The new BYMS hybrid schedule splits students into two groups, some online, and some in person. 

To offer all students physical activity, students online use platforms such as PLT4M. “PLT4M is a curriculum built around progression and planning. PLT4M focuses on technique and form in all exercises. We are incredibly fortunate that our district invested in the PLT4M program,” Mrs. Torres stated. PLT4M offers students workouts, nutritional videos, mobility exercises, and tracks student progress for extra accountability. Teachers will asisgn students specific workouts to their students to help them meet their physical needs. Students can then watch and follow along with tech video.

Besides PLT4M, Nearpod is frequently used. NEARPOD is a user-friendly website that helps keep students accountable when they aren’t directly doing a workout. Students answer questions and fill out polls to show Mrs. Torres that they are accountable for class.

In-person students in Mrs. Torres’ class have just begun playing their first sport, lacrosse. As students learn the sport, they pass around the ball and play “keep away” with other groups. While in-person students play, online students take part in PLT4M workouts.

“This year, PE has been much different,” stated eighth-grader and ASB President, Hailey Whittaker. In a typical year, students in PE would practice and learn many sports such as volleyball, ultimate ball, paddle tennis, track and field, soccer, kickball, and many other sports and activities. Due to Covid guidelines, it makes it very difficult to play sports because students cannot share equipment. “PE this year has been a good learning environment for students because we get workouts that can help us as individuals,” Hailey added. 

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