BYMS Welcomes Mr. Hall, Long Term Art Substitute

BYMS Welcomes Mr. Hall, Long Term Art Substitute

Bernardo Yorba Middle School welcomes Mr. Hall, long term substitute for our new art teacher, Mrs. Masone. 


Mr. Hall got his Bachelor’s Degree at San Francisco State University in 2017, where he majored in Cinema. Recently, he received his Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix in 2020. Unable to get his dream job in Hollywood, Mr. Hall started working with students at a small Child Care center. It was there that he discovered his passion of working with kids and decided that he wanted to make a positive impact on their lives. Thus, Mr. Hall started to substitute teach and decided to get his teaching credential to begin his teaching journey.


“Seeing the artwork students create is always a joy of mine,” stated Mr. Hall in an interview with Matador Messenger, “I like to teach everyone that there is no such thing as ‘bad art’ and that every student is fully capable of making art they are proud of.” Working with students is a very rewarding experience for Mr. Hall.


In all of his classes, Mr. Hall never grades art based on personal preference. “My class is all about showing effort. As long as you show some effort and show that you are trying, you will succeed,” Mr. Hall said.


Hybrid learning poses a number of problems for many teachers, and Mr. Hall is one of them. While acknowledging the fact that some classes aren’t really great for hybrid learning, Mr. Hall commented that teaching ceramics when half the class is at home is quite challenging, especially as he can’t help them in person.


Although most of Mr. Hall’s artworks were done by making movies during his time at San Francisco State, he recently made this collage artwork with the students this year.

A quote that Mr. Hall used to guide his teaching is, “The best teachers are the ones that can change their minds,” by Terry Heick. He explained, “I learn from the students just as they learn from me. It is a symbiotic relationship in which we both benefit off one another.” With the extra challenges from this year, Mr. Hall quickly comes to realize that a good teacher cannot be stubborn and set in their own ways.


When Mr. Hall is not teaching, he takes part in many artforms, all the way from sketching to editing short films. He is always thinking about art one way or another. Besides art, Mr. Hall also enjoys sports, playing games, and cooking/baking.