ASB Student of the Week

Mr. Kish, one of the ASB teachers, selected Vishruti Shah as the student of the week winner.



Vishruti Shah was chosen for Student of the Week for ASB. Student of the Week is when a teacher from a different subject/elective chooses a student for their excelling achievements.

“When I read the email stating that I’ve been chosen as Student of the Week for ASB, I was jumping and dancing with joy! I called my parents right away to express my happiness!” stated Vishruti Shah, the chosen ASB Student of the Week. For a moment, she said that she couldn’t believe what she had just read. Mr. Kish said that Vishruti Shah is “…conscientious, hard-working, dedicated, and organized.” 

 Vishruti enjoys her ASB class. From communicating with my team members, to learn various leadership principles, her favorite activities for ASB are noontime activities and BeYorba Believes in YOU lessons. Vishruti has volunteered for many activities and has been a part of all 3 out of the 4 lunchtime activities. 

Vishruti found that communicating with other ASB leaders to work on their assignments was challenging in this virtual environment as they have different schedules and workspaces. 

Vishruti really appreciates Mr. Kish’s support and encouragement to the leadership team. “He always gives feedback to our activities and makes sure to listen to our voices.” She also described how she liked that he encourages his students to try new things, by teaching them in a special way. Mr. Kish says that Vishruti leads by example. “She sets a standard of always doing the right thing and being a true leader whether she is learning in-person or remotely.”

Vishruti enjoys trying new science experiments, baking new things, exploring various recipes, spending time with her family and friends, and also coding. In her free time, she will also watch cooking-related YouTube shows and Science videos.