Let the Show Go On!

Let the Show Go On!


Many schools are struggling with how to handle Band during hybrid learning. However, BYMS has put in many measures and precautions to ensure student’s safety in their music education, such as obtaining special masks from the district to allow students to play with covers on the instruments in class and playing outdoors in an open area instead of an indoor classroom. We interviewed Mrs. Crecia, to learn more about this.


One of the safety measures put in place was that musicians will wear masks that have a small hole in them that is just big enough to fit in the instrument’s mouthpiece they play, although they may cause health and safety issues, the district has deemed them safe for the time being and will allow school bands to play with these masks.


Being safe and keeping things clean is a very important thing for hybrid learning, especially for performing arts. That is why the music teacher here at BYMS, Mrs. Crecia, has washed each instrument by hand, all for the safety of the students. They have also confirmed that instead of in-person performances, we will be having virtual performances this year.


As we all know, hybrid learning comes with a multitude of unique challenges, especially in performing arts. Band and orchestra fall into this category. One of the major problems we faced was keeping the student’s passion for music alive. When the students are not at school, they aren’t able to play with their bandmates and the privilege to go on field trips and concerts are deprived from them. This could cause many students to lose interest in taking music classes anymore.


It is also much harder to teach music online since it is so interactive. If you’ve ever been in a band or orchestra, you’ll know what I mean. The teacher is always making sure that you have the right posture, making sure you’re using the right techniques, etc. Since BYMS is in hybrid at the moment, some students are getting this treatment, but there are still lots of students who are still online making it harder for the students to progress in their music career.


Mrs. Crecia and all the musicians here at BYMS are striving to make the best out of what they can in these very confusing times. Until they can play as an ensemble again, Mrs. Crecia is striving to create a safe and creative environment for her students.