Bernardo Yorba Family Welcomes Ms. Cortes

BYMS welcomes Ms. Cortes, a new 7th and 8th-grade science teacher.

Ms. Cortes is a new Science teacher at Bernardo Yorba teaching 8th and 7th-grade science, “I hope to help my students achieve the goal of embracing the process of trial and error.” Stated Katie Cortes in an interview with the Matador Messenger about what her goals are for her students this year.


Ms. Cortes previously worked in Huntington Beach at Dwyer Middle School and taught 8th and 6th-grade science and before that she attended school at UCI (The University of California, Irvine) where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Health Science and her master’s degree in Education from the national university in San Diego.  Some of her goals are helping others discover their passions in life just like she did.” I have always wanted to help people discover their passions because when I found mine “teaching” I was filled with so much joy and excitement – I felt complete!” Stated Cortes. 


She also stated that she wants to, make interactions with her students to help them grow and learn when in class. Some things have been a struggle since I can’t meet my new students and cannot interact with the staff in person. I hope we can get back soon so we can meet everyone again soon.” Ms. Cortres though has said she has a positive attitude via zoom and lunch meetings with the staff “I want to help my students achieve the goal of embracing the process of trial and error. Especially with this crazy start to the school year, we are feeling anxious, uncomfortable, and stressed. I want my students to accept the fact that they are not perfect.” Some of her students were interviewed on why they like  Ms. Cortes class so much Brooklyn Usher- “I like Ms. Cortes class because she is nice and doesn’t rush into things and that she gives us time to work on assignments.” Juliana Thomasson- “Being in Ms. Corte’s science class is great? She is really good at explaining and making sure you know what to do. What I like most about her class are the activities and projects that we do.”


“There will be times where we need to reflect on ‘failures’ and persevere. As long as we are persistent and are learning, we are growing!”


 Some activities that Ms. Cortes likes to do outside of the classroom are beach volleyball, yoga, spin classes, visiting her family and dog, and trying new restaurants. Some advice that Ms. Cortes would like to share with all of her students is to, “…breathe and be patient. You have the ability to achieve great things, but it will take a good work ethic and time.” 


Ms. Cortes stated a quote that she hopes will inspire kids to be confident and help them grow in everyday life, is “Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” -Kobe Bryant. Ms. Cortes said that “This quote means that despite what others may think, or the setbacks we may face, we still have within ourselves the ability and momentum to achieve great things, and in doing so we motivate others to believe in themselves.” 


“I am very happy to be part of Bernardo Yorba’s family!”