Student of the Week: Mrs. Cherchian Recognizes Nathan McAteer, as a “Humble and Energetic” Student

Bernardo Yorba Middle School eighth-grader, Nathan McAteer, has been chosen by Ms. Cherchian as “Student of the Week” for Video Productions.


“Nathan is energetic, participates well, has incredible talent, and puts in a lot of effort,” stated Ms. Cherchian in an interview with the Matador Messenger


At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Video Production students were encouraged to make an “All About Me” video to introduce themselves to the class. 


When asked about Nathan’s participation on the project, Ms. Cherchian explained, “Nathan demonstrated excellence in smooth transitions, both audio and visual, in his editing, and creatively allowed his personality to shine. He was not afraid to be himself.” 


The Video Production class at Bernardo Yorba Middle School recently began using a new video editing platform (WeVideo). Nathan reported that he, “found that working with an entirely new editing program was a little strange at first…but it got easier over time.” 


Nathan says that he, “loves how energetic she (Ms. Cherchian) is with everything and you can tell she loves helping us and teaching us how to edit and make videos”.  He also enjoys the attendance question of the day, where the students get to share a fact about themselves while Mrs. Cherchian takes roll.


As a closing remark, Ms. Cherchian distinguishes Nathan as a “great…role model” for other students. He has “continued to show positive regard for all his peers, sharing positive words of encouragement, all the while embracing the skills and talents he has.” Ms. Cherchian is excited to “learn a lot from him” during the rest of the school year.