ASB Presents “BeYorba Believes In YOU” Lessons

“BeYorba Believes In YOU,” lessons are being presented to help bring people together


BYMS Cohort A students back on the first day of school.

BYMS ASB is presenting a series of seven activity based Social and Emotional Learning lessons, (SEL)  during a monthly rotation of core classes from October through April.

Each middle school in the Placentia Yorba Linda School District (PYLUSD) has an ASB team working on these lessons which include inspiration videos, discussions, Kahoots, Nearpods, and other live-action computer-based activities on Wednesdays during remote learning for all students. 

ASB has presented the  first and second lessons in the social studies and language arts classes,Eighth-grader Kelly Garrity remarked, “My opinions on the ASB lessons were that they are important for the students at BYMS.” She also stated that she felt the virtual tours were going to be very hopeful for the incoming 7th graders. 

Seventh-grade ASB student, Bryson Barbour stated, “I believe that in these unusual circumstances, it matters more than ever that students feel like they belong. BeYorba Believes In YOU lessons help to ensure that all students feel like they have a purpose, and these lessons create an environment that helps to set students up for success.” When asked about his opinion on the importance of the BeYorba Believes in YOU lessons. 

Lesson 1 focused on belonging to the BYMS family. Whereas lesson 2 focused on never giving up and staying motivated. Whether that means online, hybrid, or in person. There is also a virtual tour of the school led by the ASB officers in lesson one.

Mr. Kish and Mr. Fenton the ASB advisors have been working closely with their students to create the lessons. “To me, they mean a great deal as I watch students struggle, especially in these times, in the areas of self-confidence, belonging, and several other a,reas.  I want to help, so creating these lessons provides suggestions, opportunities, and potential answers to students’ many questions, stated Mr. Kish. 

Kish also stated, “Having ASB present these can also demonstrate that, “students are not alone.”  Sometimes, just knowing that, can be a starting point for students to self-reflect and potentially work through some of the many social-emotional struggles.” In the video about belonging are language arts teacher Ms. De Friese, math teacher Ms. Shah, and Bernardo’s activities director, language arts, and one of the ASB teachers on campus, Mr. Kish.

Mr. Kish, Mr. Fenton, and Mrs. Fisher have been working closely with ASB to movetthe lessons out to the rest of the campus. They want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe at Bernardo Yorba Middle School. Kelly Garrity also says, “This will help to create a better learning and work environment for both the students and the staff members.” When being asked about the benefits of the BeYorba Believes In YOU lessons. 

Mr. Shen, BYMS social studies teacher remarked, “The supplemental lessons led by ASB have been a great resource for our seventh graders. It’s always powerful when students help other students to feel welcome and it shows that we here at Bernardo Yorba take care of each other.”