Ms. Carpenter, “Working with the under Served Youth Made Me Realize that Education is Key.”

Bernardo Welcome Ms. Carpenter, a new science teacher!


Ms. Carpenter is one of the numerous new teachers at Bernardo Yorba. She had been working on a farm in a public housing community for the last 5 years developing educational programs for adults and youth on the topics of agriculture, nutrition, and STEM. 


“Working with underserved youth made me realize that education really is the key to reaching goals and for many students, getting out of poverty. As I reflected on my time at the farm I wanted to have a bigger impact in helping students reach their dreams by empowering them through education,” explained Ms. Carpenter, when asked what experiences inspired her to become a teacher.


She earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy with a minor in political science from California State University Long Beach (CSULB). About 6 years later, she went back to earn her single subject teaching credential in science from CSULB.


Outside of teaching, Ms. Carpenter enjoys traveling, trying new foods, camping, backpacking, and gardening. 


Some of Ms. Carpenter’s primary goals for her students this year are to develop critical thinking skills, scientific literacy, a growth mindset, and empathy. She believes these various traits are valuable life-long skills that all students need.


As some advice towards her students, Ms. Carpenter adds, “When you meet a new challenge and are concerned about your ability to overcome it, reflect back on the last time you did something hard that you didn’t think you could do and use that success to fuel you forward.”