BYMS Welcomes Principal Beth Fisher

Fisher is hoping to “provide articulated college and career pathways, and increase opportunities for students to be exposed to high interest extracurricular and co-curricular experiences.”


S. Shen

“My primary interest is to ensure that our students have a safe learning environment where they are challenged daily,” stated Mrs. Beth Fisher during an interview with Matador Messenger about her top priority as the new principal of Bernardo Yorba Middle School.

Although this is Mrs. Fisher’s first year at Bernardo Yorba Middle School,  she has come prepared, having worked with students for the past 10 years at Garden Grove Unified School District. 

According to, Mrs. Fisher is “an advocate for mental health, actively participating in the greater Orange County mental health community. She believes that students need to have a sense of safety and belonging to access the highest quality education.”

Mrs. Fisher already has many ideas of what she hopes to accomplish at this school. For instance, Mrs. Fisher stated, “To expand on this, I hope to help provide articulated college and career pathways and increase opportunities for students to be exposed to high interest extracurricular and co-curricular experiences like esports and CyberPatriot. A holistic arts and media arts experience is also important to me. These will take time to build and cannot all be done at the same time.”

Mrs. Fisher attended high school in Rialto, California, at Eisenhower High. After earning two bachelors of arts degrees from UC San Diego (one in English and the other in history), she attended San Diego State University to obtain her teaching credential. For her master’s degree, Mrs. Fisher attended  Azusa Pacific University. Mrs. Fisher firmly believes that higher education opens numerous doors. 

Her motto is, “Dream big, Matadors!”

“The best advice I can give to students of Bernardo is to live by the #BeYorba Philosophy. One of those components is to ‘Be and Let Be.’ What this means is that being who you are is incredible. You should be proud of who you are, work hard to improve yourself, and be kind to yourself. That also means that the person sitting next to you is equally as awesome,” added Mrs. Fisher.

Mrs. Fisher has already met many students, staff members, and others during her new career in Bernardo. But what does she have to say about them? She says, “Bernardo Yorba students and staff are INCREDIBLE. We have nowhere to go but up, because who we are as a school community is so strong!”

Mrs. Fisher is confident that the BYMS school community will accomplish much in the future. As a start, she says, “Embrace one another’s beauty and encourage one another. Be kind. Dream big, Matadors!”

“One of the most important lessons I want students to learn outside of their academics is that EVERY MATADOR MATTERS! As you know, also, every person matters. If we can treat each other like we matter, then people will create an encouraging environment that challenges one another to BE the best they can BE.”