Matadors Wear Pink and Denim to Support “Breast Cancer Awareness”


BYMS staff and students participated in the celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness, on October 5, 2019 and they were given a task to wear either pink to support Breast Cancer, denim for the District’s denim day, or both.

The national celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness was established 1985. Every year almost 220,00 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will pass away, according 

The National Cancer Institute states that the main treatments for Breast Cancer are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Some others include hormone therapy, and targeted therapy. Scientists not only use these treatments they still continue to develop new cures with the knowledge that they already have.

 Mr Kish, the BYMS leadership and ASB Director at Bernardo Middle School, stated, “ I’m just hoping they understand the severity of breast cancer and how many people it affects, so that in between now and their adult lives they are aware that they need to go and get regular checkups.” He also made known that even if you are clear you still have a chance of becoming sick.

Mr. Kish created a way to encourage students to want to participate in this event. In fourth period, there was a class competition in which every class wore the most pink and denim would receive points. At the end of the year, they will total the amount of points each class received. For 1st place students earn pizza and root beer floats or donuts, 2nd place earns pizza, 3rd place earns root beer floats, 4th place earns donuts, and 5th place earns otter pops.  The classes with 90% participation included Mr. Kish’s class and Mrs. Brenemen’s class. Mrs. Spicer and Mrs. Perez’s class had 100% participation. Overall the entire school had 75% participation.

Anybody can participate in this event but here are a couple of ways that someone could. Wearing pink socks shows that you support breast cancer. Another way that someone can participate in this celebration, is by engaging in events around your community or donating money to a cause. One specific event happening is happening throughout October, November, and December. Participants would need to buy pieces of jewelry online at This company will donate the same number of pieces you bought to the same number of women who are currently going through this difficult struggle.