BYMS ASB to Sponsor “Halloween Costume Contest”

Students can compete as “Scariest”, “Cutest”, “Most Original” , or “Best Group.” All costumes must follow school guideline.


From ghosts to princesses to cats to all the classic halloween costumes, BYMS students have so many choices as they prepare for the annual “BYMS Halloween Dress Up Day”, including the Halloween Costume Contest on Thursday, on October 31.

The” Halloween Costume Contest” sponsored by the BYMS ASB will include three categories, “Scariest”, “Cutest”, and “Most Original.” Also, students can enter with others in a “Best Group” category, with a limit of four students per group.

“The students can enter the contest both at break and lunch and in different categories. The group competition is held at break, so if students want to dress up in group costumes, they can enter and be judged during break,” according to  the Bernardo Yorba Middle School website (

Even though this is a fun Halloween event, to ensure safety, school rules still apply. The rules include:

  1. Dress code always applies to all costumes, makeup, hair, and accessories.
  2. No masks or weapons on the school campus (ex: sticks, guns, knives, light sabers, etc.).
  3. If the costume includes a hood, it must be removed when inside buildings/classrooms. 
  4. All face paint, makeup, and hair coloring must be done at home.
  5. The concept of the costume must not be offensive to certain groups based upon race, gender, or religion. 

Still don’t know what to be for Halloween? We have some fun ideas to help you decide.

Those students with a “wicked” sense of humor may wish to create costumes that rely on play on words or “puns”. For example, if you gather an angel halo, an avocado shirt, and green bottoms and a halo on your head, you could be “Holy Guacamole”! Combining a pun costume with a group costume would be a great idea. With someone being a taco and someone else as the Disney princess Belle would be “Taco Bell”.

For those interested in group costume ideas, consider Disney characters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Pac-Man and his ghosts. You and your group could also be Mario Kart characters with your own cardboard cars. If you want to be original or unique try being fast food mascots. Wendy from Wendy’s, Burger King, Ronald McDonald from McDonalds, Colonel Sanders from KFC, and Jack from Jack in the Box are great suggestions. 

Another option could be popular TV shows. Including, Stranger Things, The Office, SpongeBob Squarepants, Scooby Doo, Marvel characters, and Harry Potter. 

Bernardo Yorba Middle School has a long tradition of celebrating Halloween and allowing students to participate on campus. “We always hope that our students still love to dress up and use their imaginations (as much as the adults still do :)). We want to preserve this age of innocence for our kids while giving them an opportunity to have fun with their creativity,” stated Mrs. Fisher, the BYMS principal. Best of luck to the competitors!