Students of the Week: Mrs. Gaitan Recognizes “Enthusiastic and Hard Working” Students

Sammy Lummas, Allan Tang, Karly Safford, and Darren Hwang were selected as “Students of the Week” in Spanish.


C. Perez

“All of the students show that they’re ready for learning and enthusiastic about learning Spanish, and they all work hard,” stated Mrs. Gaitan, BYMS’s Spanish teacher, who has selected seventh graders Sammie Lummas and Allan Tang, and 8th graders Karly Safford and Darren Hwang as “Students of the Week” for Spanish. 

“I was surprised because I would not have expected to be a Student of the Week,” state Sammie. She says that she enjoys learning new languages with other people with the same skills. She likes that Mrs. Gaitan is helpful and very kind but she finds it hard to pronounce and spell words in Spanish. “Samantha is enthusiastic about learning Spanish,” says Mrs. Gaitan, “Her overall performance in the Spanish 1A class demonstrates strong commitment to her academic responsibilities.” 

“At first I was confused as to why I was picked, but then I felt happy to be chosen as the Student of the Week,” said Allan Tang. What he likes in Spanish class, is that he likes to learn with his friends, and he likes to study about a different culture, except he finds that spelling the words and writing them are challenging. He also likes how Mrs. Gaitan organizes the tests, because there are a variety of ways of testing her students. “Allan excels in Spanish 1A. He is dedicated and enthusiastic to learn,” Mrs. Gaitan added. 

“I was initially surprised because she has so many incredible students,” stated Karly Safford. She likes doing activities that require to read out loud, because it gives her a chance to speak the language, Spanish. She says that she likes Mrs. Gaitan because she is caring, and she always helps out struggling students. “In general, Karly is a  student who works hard and is committed to academic excellence,” stated Mrs. Gaitan.