BYMS Book Club: Reading Books and Sharing Insights


Chronicle Books

All Bernardo Yorba students who love to read and discuss books are invited to attend the BYMS Book Club, which meets once a month in the BYMS library. 

According to the school librarian Mrs. McCann, “The BYMS Book Club has been active for about 15 years.” She has been an advisor to the club since 2011. Mrs. Gaitan, BYMS Spanish teacher, has been an advisor of the BYMS Book Club for five years.

Book Club offers an opportunity for students from all across campus to meet and discuss the books they have read. BYMS Book Club is not about reading a specific book, rather it is about students reading a variety of books within different genres.

 “Sometimes genres are selected randomly, whilst other times genres are chosen by students via voting. When the book club meets, the students discuss the books they’ve been reading and give their insights on the book. Students also share their opinion on why someone should or shouldn’t read it,” explained book club advisor Mrs. Gaitan.

 Mrs. McCann stated, “We hope to encourage kids to read out of their comfort zones in reading and to try new genres.”