BYMS Welcomes Fenton, DeGraffenreid, Dellalonga, and Torres

New year, new books, new programs, and new teachers.  BYMS has added four new teachers to its staff of 28 teachers now including Diane Torres, Katie DeGraffenreid, and Michael Fenton.


Ms. Torres, who is teaching physical education and previously taught Valdez Middle School, has set some goals for her students this year, “I hope that every student will leave with the knowledge, understanding and awareness of the value and importance of physical activity.”


Outside of school Ms. Torres enjoys spending time with her family, cycling, and watching her kids do sports.


Another new teacher is Ms. DeGraffenreid. She has taught at Travis Ranch Middle School and Yorba Linda Middle School and now teaches seventh grade math at BYMS. Outside of teaching she enjoys hiking and traveling.


Ms. DeGraffenreid wants students to know they should not be afraid to ask questions. She stated, ”If that’s uncomfortable, step into your courage zone and do it anyway!  We are all here to help you!”


Mr. Fenton, who previously worked at Esperanza, Kraemer, and Travis Ranch, is the new vocal music teacher. Some advice Mr. Fenton has given to his students are, “Always give your best it may not be 100 percent and keep trying even if you are not as successful as you want to be hopefully you learn something from it and you’ll keep moving forward.” When not in school Mr. Fenton enjoys being a dad and spending time with his two young sons.

The last new teacher is Mr. Dellalonga, the new English Language Development (ELA) and eighth grade Language Arts teacher. So far Mr. Dellalonga has only taught at BYMS and was previously a student teacher for history teacher Mr. Seitz. Some advice MR. Dellalonga has for his student s are “Embrace the attitude of gratitude because in the end you will get what you give.” In his free time, Mr. Dellalonga enjoys being with his family.


Welcome Fenton, DeGraffenreid, Dellalonga, and Torres to BYMS!