BYMS Special Day Class Raises Funds With Handmade Bracelets


BYMS students support SDC fundraiser by purchasing handmade bracelets.

BYMS Special Day Class (SDC) teacher, Mrs. Gerry and her students are selling handmade friendship bracelets for one dollar each, in the BYMS quad during break, and lunch, from September 24th to 27th.  

“We will use the money to go on monthly Community Based Instruction (CBI) trips,” stated Mrs. Gerry the SPecial Day class teacher.

“CBI’s are community outings where students can practice life skills such as handling money, purchasing items, time management, public transportation use and social skills,” explained Mrs. Gerry.

“We figured that BYMS students have made some new, valuable friends since the start of school and may want to share a friendship bracelet with them,” explained  Mrs. Gerry who along with her students were inspired to sell the bracelets because “ A new school years often bring new friends.”

“ I brought one of the bracelets, because I wanted to support the special education kids. I think it is a very great ideas that they are raising money to do that,” stated eighth grade student, Laila Collie.

Sales were brisk as students lined up to purchase the handmaid items. Many had a variety of reasons for their purchase.

“ I brought this friendship bracelets because we have a tradition of lucky bracelets with the color guard team so we want to tie those around the duffel bag to wish good luck in our competitions,” stated eighth grader, Eloise Franklin.

“ I bought a bracelet because I always loved bracelets and never can make them for myself so I like that they are home made,” Alexander Herrera, an eighth grade student added.