Miss Miller’s Class Travels Around the World in 20 Days

The PYLUSD Summer Enrichment class explores countries and cultures through art and food.


Image courtesy of Ellen Kang

“Around the world in 20 days” is a class at PYLUSD summer enrichment class taught by Miss Danielle Miller.  This class is about traveling the world inside a classroom and has students exploring their “travels” through art projects. 

“I have been very fortunate to spend my summers traveling the United States. I have visited most of the western half of the United States, plus several cities in Alaska. However, it has always been a goal of mine to travel abroad. With this class, my students and I can take an exciting journey to faraway countries where we can discover new art, music, language, food, and celebrations,” stated Miss Miller, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.  

Miller believes that not only is learning about different cultures and countries interesting it is also important in understanding common “human” connections.

“Our nation is a melting pot of many cultures and it’s important that we take the time to learn about these countries we tend to think are different from us. However, by studying these different cultures, it is my hope that my students will begin to realize we are not so different from one other,” responded Miss Miller.  Therefore, her goal for the class is to teach students about the world and its cultures.

Creating a class such as this with the scope of understanding and appreciating cultures around the world in only five weeks presents some unique challenges for Miller.

“The challenge I have faced in creating an exciting, enrichment summer school class is finding the time to fit all of the fun things each country has to offer in only 20 days,” stated Miss Miller.  She tries to fit everything that a country has to offer despite how limited the amount of time they have is.

“Along with trying ethnic foods, some of the fun activities I have planned this year include: Japanese Woodblock prints, Egyptian Hieroglyphic Cartouche necklace, Indian Rangoli Chalk Art and a Greek-inspired Olympic competition,” responded Miss Miller. Those are some of the many activities that take place in the class.

Students in her class love the variety. “We get to learn about different cultures, eat food from different cultures, and do different things for each culture, like building pyramids with cups for Egypt or doing the Olympic games for Greece,” stated Ella Raasch who is going to be a 7th grader at Tuffree Middle School. She also stated, “Going through each country faster [would make the class better] because we could learn about more cultures.” Ella thinks it would be better to go faster, but Miss Miller knows what she’s doing because this class has been happening for a while.