109 BYMS Students Honored On Awards Night


Photo Courtesy of Keith Kish

Students selected by their teachers in all subject areas were honored during the ceremony by being awarded medals on stage after being introduced by each department. Language arts, yearbook, video productions/peer leadership, and leadership teacher Mr. Kish started the evening.  He welcomed the students, their friends, and families and explained how the evening would go.

“I thought the evening went well.  It is always nice to reward hard working students at all levels  and areas of our campus. The hardest part of preparing for the ceremony would be the details.  Collecting the names, ordering the medals, creating the program, and organizing the speakers, requires a bit or organization and follow through,” stated Mr. Kish.

Next, a representative from the Rotary Club handed out the Rotary Four-Way Test Award. Students were nominated by teachers and then were voted on again to find the best students who exemplified the thinking of is it the truth, is it fair, will it build better friendships, and is it beneficial to all concerned in all situations. The students who received this award were eighth graders Maya De La Torre and Jordan Holmes.

Throughout the evening awards were given for vocal music, instrumental music, art, yearbook, video productions/peer leadership, leadership, health, exploratory tech, Spanish, newspaper, speech and drama, AVID, outstanding achievement, physical education, stay fit, math, science, history, and language arts. Handed out during the ceremony as well was awards of excellence. Awards of excellence were for advanced electives and advanced core classes. Mr. Valburg,BYMS Principal, closed the evening with a few remarks.

“When students demonstrate dedication, determination and excellence in their work over the course of the year, then I believe they should be publicly recognized.  I also believe that there are many students who work hard, that is why we seek to recognized as many as possible,” stated Mr. Valburg.

“I enjoy watching parents and family members smile with pride when their student’s name is called and they go to the stage for their medal,” Mr. Valburg also stated.

The following students were recipients of one or more awards:

Suraj Joshi, Hannah Petinak, Jay Christensen, Eloise Franklyn, Rikku Guiling, Katie Hudak, Kacper Krupa, Arianna Abramovich, Abigail Larsen, Wenxi Li, Evan Ogren, Eleni Katsivalis, Saloni Rajput, Britton Moore, Brenden Estell, Darshil Vaishnav, Madeline Nunez, Ethan Tsai, Harvey Duong, Nathan Rose, Kory Cardinez, Tristen Shinen, Kristen Doan, Celina Fang, Derek Durham, Alexander Herrada, Leah Gomez, Jovan Sheldon, Spencer Ellison, Christian Smith, Emily Grigoruk, Zachary Duffy, Allyson Lopez, Hunter Fermin, Alexis Benavides, Connor Castillo, Kristen Eyles, Christian Williams, Colin Jackson, Jenna Velosso, Kaeley White, Rima Molina-Verduzco, Emmry Miller, Jasper Liu, Madison Gates, Noah Hawkins, Nathan Dela Cruz, Orson Young, Mason Smith, James Aksel, Jacob Flores, Jacob Finn, Omar Jimenez, Jackie Arroyo, Audrey Robles, Renata Rodriguez, Drew Thompson, Kindra Gilbert, Kabir Singh, Gabrielle Handfield, Monica Bahena, Brandon Mamaril, Chris Reyes, Matthew Suzuki, Cera Mallory, Mac Calavitta, Dayana Pina, Sabrina Seaton, Julia Chan, Elle Williams, Emily Holdeman, Star Lu, Ella Reynoza, Diya Parekha, Kristen Doan, Aidan Amaya, James Farrell, Jake Flores,Serena Keeler, Connor Saba, Franciszek Krupa, Ethan Vo, james Mohr, Farid Sawaya, Hong Shui, Audrey Robles, Anthony McBenttes, Jorge Perez, Audrey Song, JAmes Askel, J.J Mikhail, Alejandra Robles, Laurana Tetzlaff, Brandon Nowland, George Sanchez, Mikala Enright, Sachi Bhanji, Jessica Xu, Shaheer Mohammad, Alicia Dunn, Katherine Floback, Lyric Wilder, Hannah Petinak, Quinton (Quinn) Pope.