Independent Study PE Student Profile: Thomas Gersbacher


Photo Courtesy of Analiz Zavala

“The hardest part about being an athlete would be not hurting yourself so that you can still keep on practicing and becoming better,” stated Thomas Gersbacher, a BYMS seventh grader who practices up to 27 hours a week at the Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy also known as (YLGA).

Gersbacher first started in gymnastics at the age of 8.

“The Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy offer progressive classes starting at ages  two and up to adult. We base a student’s placement on their skill level, thus allowing the individual to excel at his or her own rate,”Gersbacher explained in an interview with the Matador Messenenger.

Gersbacher entered many competitions throughout his gymnastics career. The biggest one by far was in Arizona, the competition is called The Azarian. He was rated 8 out of 10 by the judges. His reaction to that was shock, as he was surprised  that the judges thought he was that good.

“I think the best thing about being a serious athlete is the awards like medals or ribbons because you get to show off how good you are at gymnastics and show off all the work that you have done”, stated Thomas Gersbacher.