BYMS History Night Showcases Honors Projects

BYMS History Night Showcases Honors Projects

Photo Courtesy of Sherman Shen

The BYMS social studies and language arts departments sponsored History Night, which showcased students displays of innovations of the past in the BYMS MPR on May 3, 2018.

History Night was a nine month project that started within the first few months of school. The students needed to write a three paragraph summary on their groups topic, a five paragraph research essay, put together a poster board, website, or documentary, and more.

Mr. Shen, who is a seventh grade social studies teacher said in an interview with The Matador Messenger, “By doing the type of work that History Night requires, students are able to come to a deep understanding of their chosen topic…” Kayla, who is one of the seventh grade winners also said in an interview with the Matador Messenger, “I think I gained more in-depth research, critical thinking, and organizational skills from completing my project.”

A new topic is chosen every year by the History Day National Organization, and this year’s topic was” The impact and change of an invention in the United States.”

Mr. Seitz and Mr. Spoonhower were the social studies teachers that choose a winner for every project category including a poster board, a website, and a documentary. Mrs. Swarm and Mr. Kish also choose a winner for the research essay.There were winners for both seventh and eighth grade.

The winners for History Night 2018 include the following:

Best 8th Grade Website: Spencer Ellison, Jovan Sheldon, Kaitlyn Thiha, Naya Williams

Best 8th Grade Exhibit: Trevor Vukelich and Matthew Travassaros

Best 7th Grade Website: Cera Mallory

Best 7th Grade Exhibit: Giselle Espino, Arianna Abramovich & Kayla Drake-Weepie

Best 7th Grade Research Paper: Emmry Miller, Mikala Enright, and Chris Sharp

Best 8th Grade Research Paper: Jay Christensen, Shivam Valand, Christian Smith, and Jacob Mondero