BYMS Institutes a Three Minute Passing Period


Photo Courtesy Of Analiz Zavala

Bernardo Yorba Middle School has changed their five minute passing period to a three minute passing period. This change of two minutes is said to be better for students, as it gives more learning time throughout the school year, said Principle Ken Valburg in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

The idea of the three minute passing period has been a consideration by the administration since Christmas of 2017, and was enacted two weeks ago on campus on May 1. 

BYMS students and staff members are still adjusting to the reduction of time during the passing periods. “Some people adjust to change, and I’m talking about students and adults, and some people like change and they’ll change in a heartbeat. So you kind of have to go slow sometimes and that’s okay, that’s not a bad thing,” stated Valburg

The three minute passing period allows for more instructional time for students during class. Principal Ken Valburg said, “Good things happen for everybody when you spend more time in class learning.”

Valburg was later asked whether the three minute passing period will help students receive more learning time, he replied, “From what I see, 99.8% of students  are getting to class on time easily, when you look at the amount of time that puts you in a classroom and gives you an advantage, in terms of your education, for me it’s a no brainer.”

Very few complaints of the three minute passing period come from students, according to Principal Valburg. “The only group of people that the three minute passing period really affects is if you have to go from the art building to p.e. or from art to social studies.”

With an extra two minutes of classroom time for each seven periods, all the extra time throughout the year adds up to 42 extra hours of instructional time.

“The new passing period isn’t the best but isn’t the worst. I still have enough time to get to my classes. I just think other kids wouldn’t have time to go to the restroom or get water and get to their classes,” stated seventh grader Aidan Suarez.

“I thought four minutes was acceptable but three isn’t preferable. Most of the teachers extend into the passing period when they’re teaching so we’re scrambling to pack up and run to our next period. It is to be expected that the kids going from art to P.E. may have to run, then people may trip and fall,” stated eighth grader Jovan Sheldon.

BYMS joins Valadez, Kraemer, and Yorba Linda Middle School in a three minute passing period. Travis Ranch and Tuffree Middle Schools still have a four minute passing period.