2018-2019 BYMS Officers Elected


Photo Courtesy of Analiz Zavala

BYMS seventh graders have elected the following students for office; Renata Rodriguez for Vice President, Cassandra Dement for Secretary, Brenden Estell for Treasurer, and next year’s ASB president will be Emmry Miller.

All BYMS seventh graders listened to the eight candidates’ speeches on April 19, and voted either on this day, or the one after, due to a block schedule.

“I wanted to run for President because it has been one of my goals since I was a little girl and I want to leave a lasting impact on Bernardo,” stated Emmry, the new ASB President.  Emmry has set a goal of wanting to organize fun activities and create a friendly environment where there is a stronger sense of community and welcoming.

“I had this incredible feeling of excitement because all of my hard work paid off.  I’m so ready for an amazing year!” stated Renata Rodriguez, next year’s ASB Vice President.  Renata is so excited to work with other students and one of her goals is working towards giving the students a voice.

Cassandra Dement, who was elected as next years’ ASB Secretary stated she was so happy, excited and ready for the responsibility to come next year.  “Thank you all for trusting and voting for me… and I will make sure to help create a more positive and exciting place for students next year,” stated Cassandra Dement.

Brenden Estell, the 2018-2019 ASB Treasurer is looking forward to next year and all the exciting events.  He states, “My goals for next year are for all of our spirit rallies and dances to be awesome and to welcome the new 7th graders in a really cool way.”

“I’m so excited to be a part of next year’s ASB class with all these great officers,” stated Katie Macavei, 2018-2019 leadership student.

“I would like to encourage my peers to always persevere and never give up.  And to set goals, which is something very important in our lives,” added Rodriguez.

The leadership class will return during the summer in August for a leadership training, along with a few of this year’s students.

Congratulations to the new BYMS 2018-2019 officers.