Vocal Music Student Of The Week: Zoe Bane

“ My initial reaction to being chosen for ‘Student Of The Week’ was shocked,” stated 8th-grade BYMS student, Zoe Bane.

“Zoe is always ready to sing: stand tall, focus on the director and on the music being sung, have great facial expression, correct mouth shape, and enjoy the performance!” stated Mrs. Linda Nason, BYMS Choir Director. “She works very hard at learning all the notes correctly,” stated Nason.

“ Zoe always has a positive attitude. She has learned all 3 songs for our upcoming festival competition.”

Zoe enjoys mountain biking, animating, and writing outside of school.

“ I enjoy singing and belting out the songs when needed,” Bane stated, “ I appreciate how kind Mrs. Nason is and how she’s patient when teaching us. She also has good music taste.”