BYMS Board Game Club: “Everyone Has an Opportunity to be Successful.”


Photo Courtesy By Christine Perez

Hong Shui (Left), Kerry Wang (Far Left), and Farid Fred Sawaya (Right) are all enjoying a game of Catan.

BYMS Board Game Club is an after school event in which students can group together with their friends to play board games. This is an opportunity for students to collaborate with one another and learn to understand the concept of strategy and patience.

“It is very easy to enjoy with your friends or meet new people without any social pressure. You are all focused on the game and everyone has an opportunity to be successful at it. Being successful just means being a good sport, enjoying the interaction, and learning something new and fun,” stated Board Game Director and Math teacher, Cara Stack.

Board Game Club offers many games to enjoy at board game club consists of many games to play that are enjoyable for all. These games include modern games and Euro games, which are games that have been developed in Europe. Some of the games include Dixit and Ticket to Ride and will be introducing popular games among students such as Monopoly and Clue.

Every meeting, the club would usually host as many as 23 and as few as nine students. Most of the time, however, there would be about 15 students present, not always being the same group of students. Both seventh and eighth graders enjoy the games as the club is open to everyone.

“I would definitely recommend students check out the Board Game club. As we are often learning new games, students will be able to learn the games along with everyone else. Each meeting is unique so they do not need to have attended previous meetings in order to attend and enjoy it. The games are easy to learn and we provide lots of instruction. We teachers often sit down and play along and we even lose to students!” stated Cara Stack.