BYMS Students Honored at Richard Nixon Library


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A total of 64 BYMS 7th grade students visited the Richard Nixon Library and were honored for receiving a score between 26 to 30 out of 30 on the Richard Nixon Geography Test.

In order to pass this test students were given a map of the world which showed the location of countries, islands, rivers, straits, bays, gulfs, mountains, continents, oceans and more world geography. Students were given time to study and more or less memorize the map before taking a test on this map in early March. It was a 30 question test which consisted of many different parts of geography.

Out of all the 64 students who attended, a total of 40 received a score of 26-29   and 24 received a perfect score of 30. Students who received a score of 26-29 received medal and Certificate of Achievement. Students who received a perfect score got a medal and a Certificate of Distinction. .

Students who received the required score met in the Multi Purpose Room at 9 o’clock to visit the library and museum. The students left museum and library at 11:45.

Once the students arrived, Geography Committee Co-Chairman Gali Spear gave the opening remarks. Followed by that Katie Paulus of St Francis of Assisi Catholic school gave the Pledge of Allegiance. Then Michael Ellzey, Director of the Richard Nixon Library and Museum, William Baribault, President and Ceo of the Richard Nixon Foundation, Darlene Sky President if the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, and guest speaker Dr. Eric J. Mooney welcomed the students, parents, and staff.

Lastly, students from Bernardo, St Joseph Middle School, Kraemer Middle School, Yorba Linda Middle School, and Tuffree Middle School were awarded with medals and certificates. Following the awards Clay Anderson, Geography Committee Co-Chairman, gave the closing remarks. Afterwards, students were allowed to rome the library and museum with their fellow students until they had to leave.

After the ceremony  students were able to visit the many displays with their fellow students until they had to leave. “I most enjoyed going to see the library itself and learning about it but I also enjoyed having a reason to memorize all of the world’s countries and other geographical features,” stated Brenden Estell, seventh grader at BYMS who received the certificate of distinction.

Seventh  grade social studies teacher and chaperone Sherman Shen stated, “I believe that it’s important for students to study geography because it gives them context in not only historical events, but current events as well.  The world doesn’t make sense unless you know where thing are happening, and that’s what this test helped our students understand. I also think that when we study geography, our world view changes and it makes us into better world citizens.”

“Recognizing students who scored well on this test is a great way of showing that hard work does pay off in the end, and I’m glad that our students got to be recognized in that way,” added Shen.