Choir Director Linda Nason to Retire This Year


Photo Courtesy by Sherman Shen

“I will always miss my students,” stated Linda Nason, BYMS Vocal Music Director who is retiring at the end of the school year after teaching at BYMS for 19 years.

“I will miss the joy of seeing them learn to sing better. I will miss the laughter, the sillines, and even the drama,” added Nason.

During her time her at BYMS she has taught mixed chorus. Vocal ensemble, concert choir,  intermediate orchestra, study skills, and strategic reading.

“Before that, I had worked for 14 years as a church music director, as an accompanist in the Santa Ana Unified School District, and taught piano and vocal students in my home,” explained Nason.

Among her favorite moments teaching at BYMS, Nason listed “when the students show their enjoyment in singing.” While Nason had experienced many of her choirs having earned superior ratings she has also seen some negative trends regarding the decrease in the program.

“The most significant difference over the years has been the decline in choirs at all secondary schools due to more electives being offered,” stated Nason.

“I plan to take classes at CSUF, and through the city where I live. I also plan to return to making jewelry, sewing, and doing more gardening! I will be much busier than I am now,” stated Nason.