Video Productions Student of the Week: Ashlynn Elliot


Eighth grader Ashlynn Elliot has been chosen as student of the week for Video Productions.

“She is responsible, respectful, and reliable on at all times,” stated Mr. Kish, Video Productions teacher.

“She takes on all projects and assignments on as if it’s the most important,” stated Mr Kish.  Ashlynn is a role model for others because “ She is a leader by example,” add Mr Kish.

“I was very surprised that I was chosen as the Video Productions student of the week,” stated Ashlynn Elliot. “I really enjoy everything we do in this class. The activities I enjoy the most are the filming and editing and just talking with my friends,”  Ashlynn added.

Ashlynn appreciates the way in which Mr. Kish helps to problem solve and technical difficulties. “I like the way he helps us when we have tech problems,” she added.

When not in school, Ashlynn enjoys a number of activities. “Outside of school, I play softball, volleyball, and train horses at the horse ranch by my house,”  she added.

Two of Ashlyn’s videos about the first quarter broadcast and the ASB electives can be found at