BYMS MPR to Undergo Major Renovations

Plans include:additional lighting, audio equipment systems, and automatic roll down projector.


Photo Courtesy By Sherman Shen

Featured here on the MPR stage are cast members of the assembly “Bully and Plays Choir”

Plans are underway to renovate the BYMS Multipurpose Room (MPR) by adding additional lighting and audio equipment systems and an automatic roll down projector according Keith Kish, ASB Advisor.

Fundraisers including “The Step It Up” and the “Talent Show” have raised some funds to pay for improvements, according to Kish total amounts and cost have not been disclosed as of yet.

According to Mrs. Bailey, art and drama teacher at BYMS, the original stage was built in 1969 or 1970 and the “ thrust portion” was added in the summer of 1985.

“The handicap ramp was added around 1995 or 1996.  I believe Mr. Bob Weidler, former shop teacher here at BYMS, was one of the builders who assisted in the design and construction of the thrust portion of the stage and stairs that lead up to the stage on both sides,” explained Mrs. Bailey.

The MPR is currently used for assemblies, jazz band, drama performances, and rainy lunch shelter.

No date has been announced for the start of the renovations.