BYMS Featured in OC Register for Work With EHS Inclusive Sports Program


Photo Courtesy of Emily Deiters

Photo features members of the basketball team

“We all love them so much” explained BYMS alumni and current Esperanza student, Emily Deiters, about her role as president of the Unified Sports Club.

Esperanza High School, earlier in 2014, created a sports program for both general and special education, according to Deiters states that at the beginning of the year, the staff has a club rush, where they get most of their members to sign up. They then organize meetings for all their members to come each Thursday at lunch.

Some advice she would give to others who are interested in creating campus clubs and programs that benefit students would be to get as many people involved as possible. “A lot of general students won’t want to do the program because they might be uncomfortable. Pushing their limits a little will open a lot of students’ minds to just how awesome these kids are,” Deiters stated.

I didn’t start the program, but it was started the year I joined. I became president later on because I really enjoy being around the kids. They are so sweet and so smart. They really have taught me how to be accepting of others that may be different,” stated club president of sports program  Emily Deiters in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Deiters claims that the sports program was easy to organize and the student body was extremely supportive.