BYMS Vocal Ensemble Performs for Music Educators


Photo Courtesy To Linda Nason

“To perform the Vocal Ensemble had to pass two parts to this process: 1) they had to have received a unanimous rating of “Superior” (two judges) at their Southern California Vocal Association festival last spring, and, 2) they had to pass a singing audition that I mailed to them in last October,” said Mrs. Nason.

The Vocal Ensemble will be performing at CA Music Educators’ Conference, Chapman’s Musgrove Performing Arts Center, March 8. BYMS has had superior ratings for the last two years and sent in a CD. 

“I told the students in Vocal Ensemble that I was very proud that they could pass an audition so early in the year. Some of the students have only been singing with me for this year,” said Mrs. Nason.

“I believe my expression was one of great joy–accompanied by a loud scream! I’m excited that this year’s Vocal Ensemble gets to sing in front of other music educators–members of the California Music Educators Association,” said Mrs. Nason.