When Eighth Grader Devan Storms Isn’t Studying Or Doing Homework, He Is Playing Basketball For Yorba Linda Stampede

Storms, a shooting guard,  has played basketball for five years and counting. Storms simply said this to describe his team, “My team is very small, but also very good.”  Storms has practice once a week which includes drills, scrimmage, and extensive cardio. Storms’ enjoys the excitement of the game. His biggest challenge currently is trying to find “better moves” to improve his game. Storms hopes to play in high school, but underestimates himself do to his height.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard Isaiah is a player that Storms greatly admires and watches closely.“My favorite player is Isaiah Thomas because he is one of the shortest NBA players, but plays like an MVP.”

Even though he likes Isaiah Thomas, Storms’ favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers.