Instrumental Music Student of the Week: Katelyn Miller


Photo Courtesy of Star Lu

“Katelyn is a natural leader in any area, whether it be musically, academically or socially. She sets a great example for what a high-level musician should look like,” stated BYMS Band Director, Mrs. Neumayr in an interview with the Matador Messenger , about Katelyn Miller, her choice for “Instrumental Musician of the Week.”

“I’m very shocked, I didn’t even know this was a thing!” stated Katelyn Miller, an eighth grade student who plays the clarinet in the First period Wind Ensemble class.

Mrs. Neumayr stated that Katelyn’s leadership has been essential in helping other musicians improve.

“Because of Katelyn’s diligence and commitment, the clarinet section has been the section that meets the most regularly out of any section in band and I would have to say, the most improved section from the beginning of the year,” added Mrs. Neumayr.

Outside of school, Katelyn enjoys dancing, martial arts, art, and “Mess up, drop out.”

I love “mess up, drop out.’  This is a game we play every week where we play a scale and speed up each time,” stated Katelyn.

In addition to the performances and class activities, Katelyn also appreciates how her band director manages to motivate and inspire her students.  “My, teacher, Mrs. Neumayr, has a great sense of humor and helps us through all our music,” added Katelyn.