Mr. Marshall Visits Secondary Schools In China


Photo Courtesy Of Steve Marshall

BYMS Assistant Principal, traveled to China from November 2 to 11 to have a first hand view of Chinese secondary educational system, a trip sponsored by the College Board and the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

“I applied for and was accepted to the delegation,” stated Mr. Marshall in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Although the distance from Yorba Linda to China may be close to 7,000 miles, Chinese students make up almost half of all international students in the United States, according to Forbes Magazine, with “increasing numbers staying to earn a high school diploma, with a long term aim a western university diploma.”

Bernardo Yorba is just one of many PYLUSD schools that hosts Chinese students during summer programs held on campus and hosted by leadership students. Additionally, according to the OC Register, Chinese home buyers seeking financial security for their wealth are increasingly purchasing homes not only in Irvine, but also in cities such as Yorba Linda, which has increased the number of larger, multi-generational homes on the market in the past few years.

While in China, Mr. Marshall travelled to Beijing and then to a city in the Shaanxi province called Xi’an. In each city he saw numerous middle schools, high schools, and elementary schools. “The schools were very clean;the students clean their own schools,” stated Mr. Marshall.

Mr. Marshall also stated that the contrast between the educational systems in the US and China is quite significant. “(In China) Everything is focused on a test that they take at the end of high school.  How well they do on that test determines what they will be able to be as a professional,” explained Marshall.

“ Only students who score high enough are allowed to go to college, which is the most prestigious possibility they have,” explained Marshall.

Before arriving in China, Mr. Marshall expected to see many sights, besides the schools, such as the Great Wall of China.“I knew that I would see some schools and some of the sights like the Great Wall, but I had no idea how wonderful land and beautiful China was!  The Great Wall was magnificent. I also got to see the TerraCotta warriors.  They were amazing.  It’s hard to imagine anyone taking so much time to create those two places.It was breathtaking,” added Mr. Marshall.

Overall, Mr. Marshall’s trip went very nicely. “The Chinese people were very friendly. They were often excited when they saw Americans and asked several times to take pictures with us. We were all treated very well.I will definitely go back to China when I get a chance,” he concluded.