Social Studies Student of the Week: Brilee Vargas


Photo Courtesy of Sydney Hernandez

“Despite early challenges, and some bumps along the way, Brilee has persevered, steadily improving her effort and grades,” stated Mr. Seitz, a BYMS Social Studies teacher, about his choice of Brilee Vargas as a “Social Studies Student of the Week.”

“I am excited to be chosen as a student of the week,” stated Brilee Vargas. “The teachers have really helped me a lot trying to get my grade up” added Vargas.

“The renewed dedication and diligence from completing assignments, getting them turned in on time, and putting in additional effort to study for quizzes and tests has reinforced the power of “Yet” that encourages continual rededication and a never give up type of attitude,” stated Mr Seitz.

“One challenging activity I have found in this class is taking the test because you really have to understand in to get a good grade on the test,” stated Vargas.

“There has not been one specific assignment that show Brilee’s excellence, but a series of quizzes that she has shown tremendous improvement on,” stated Mr. Seitz

When not at school, Brilee enjoys playing competitive soccer. “I play soccer on a club team called Chealsea,” stated Brilee.

“Brilee’s story is a model for others because she showed the desire, initiative, and determination to improve. This desire and determination is something all of us can learn,” stated Mr. Seitz.