Brandon Earquart Injures Knee During One-Lunch Wednesday


Photo Courtesy of Analiz Zavala

Brandon Earquart dislocated his left kneecap during One-Lunch Wednesday, on November 8, 2017.

The dislocated knee was the result of an attempt to “dunk” as he was holding onto the rim of the basket. He lost his balance and fell.

After the fall, campus authorities, such as Ms.Barton and campus supervisor Tina Cusiter and Monica Perez rushed to the scene. A firetruck and an ambulance arrived 5-6 minutes afterwards. The authorities (Fireman, EMT’s, etc.) gave Brandon (BJ) pain medication, and put him on a stretcher, carrying him into an ambulance.

His mom arrived very quickly, and joined him in the ambulance where they were taken over to the Placentia-Linda Hospital. At the hospital, orthopedic doctors relocated Brandon’s knee back in place before major swelling occurred.

“He took it like a champ,” said PE teacher, Sarah Barton, in an interview with The Matador Messenger. “So did the campus authorities, as well as the students who were at the scene, who were cooperative of the situation,” she added.

Brandon Earquart, known for his athletic abilities, claims the knee will be fully healed in roughly 3 months.