Staff Profile: Mrs. Dominguez, Principal’s Secretary


Photo Courtesy Of Sydney Hernandez

Mrs. Dominguez has many responsibilities in her position as the principal’s secretary, including “making sure that the school calendar is organized, Mr. Valburg’s calendar is updated, ordering supplies for our school and teachers and to assist parents with any questions or concerns they may have,” she stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Adding to the complexity of her day and its many challenges, Mrs. Dominguez also must stay up to date and trained in new software, technology, and programs. These changes add a complexity to her day that can be exciting but also challenging.  “Although I am excited for the change and enjoy new technology, I am concerned that there may not be enough training or or grace period to learn the new software.”

Mrs. Dominguez has been working in school districts for about 23 years now. She states, “you always have to take advantage of the quiet periods.”

Mrs. Dominguez has advice for anyone interested in becoming a principal’s secretary. “Be organized. This is perhaps the biggest piece of advice I can give. It will make your job a lot easier and more functional.  Learn to multi-task. In the clerical world you need to be able to work on many things all at once. Be friendly, a smile goes along way.”