BYMS Saturday Academy Helps Students Succeed


Photo Courtesy of Star Lu

At BYMS, students earning low grades in core classes are assisted with a number of interventions. Some of these include, tutoring before, during, and after school with teachers, Homework Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 606 after school, and on Saturdays, as a part of the “Saturday Academy” held from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

BYMS Assistant Principal, Mr. Steve Marshall, stated that Saturday Academy was started because the school had several students who needed help with raising their grades.

According to Mr. Marshall, Any student who gets one or more F’s on a progress report or report card is enrolled in the Saturday Academy.”

Students assigned a Saturday Academy will receive a contract telling the parents that their son/daughter has a Saturday School.  This contract doesn’t explain why their son/daughter has been assigned the Saturday School. This leaves their son/daughter to explain to their parents why the Saturday is necessary.

Marshall had also stated, “If students choose to not attend Saturday Academy they will be receiving the same consequences as missing a Saturday detention. Which could include an in house suspension.” Marshall also explained that two Saturday Academies are held every grading period.

Mr. Fain, one of the BYMS math teachers and Saturday Academy tutor stated,  “My role is to facilitate students having work done or making up the work that they have that is missing in their classes.”

Mr. Fain believes that the Saturday Academy program can benefit students in a number of ways. “Most of the students at Saturday Academy are behind with work and it is affecting their grades,” stated Fain. “Saturday Academy gives students four hours of concentrated study to help get caught up in their classes.”

Fain also believes that probably the best part about Saturday Academy is that students can get their grades into the passing range. “I have seen a student’s completely turn around their grades and not have to repeat the [7th and] 8th grade.”