BYMS Choir and Advanced Drama Perform in Anti-Bullying Assembly


Photo courtesy of Sherman Shen

The BYMS Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir, and the Advanced Drama classes performed in the Bernardo Anti- Bullying Assembly during sixth period on October 24th, for all BYMS students.

“This is Bernardo’s 6th year presenting this musical,” stated Mrs. Nason in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

Three shows were performed, two sixth period assemblies, and one evening performance. The two 6th period performances where for the school, and the after school performance is mainly for friends and family.

“…the Advanced Drama students will present four vignettes representing the need for tolerance and acceptance when dealing with our peers.” Mrs, Nason said in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

The students wrote the scripts, and Mrs. Nason chose the songs. The chosen scripts were written by Bailey Speakman, Jake Flores, and Nora Naguib-Estefanous.

Mrs. Swarm has stated that ever since September 25, they have been working on the show, but they had to work even harder since the show got moved up a week.

Hopefully, people will learn about sympathy, and know how it feels to be bullied, Mrs Swarm said in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

Mr. Marshall stated that everyone did great, and he knows everyone will take the message to heart.