Walls Inspires Students with Bottle Rockets, Lacrosse Sticks, and Giant Slingshots

Students use hands on activities to learn STEM skills in PYLUSD Summer Enrichment class.



“ I would like my students to never give up, enjoy science, and have a good time,” stated Mr. Greg Walls who is teaching Science Olympiad at the 2016-2017 PYLUSD Summer Enrichment Program at Lakeview Elementary School.

Greg Walls, who teaches AP environmental science and earth science at Yorba Linda High School during the academic school year, has been teaching in summer enrichment for three years.

“I was inspired to create this class because of my love for active science,” added Walls who says that he  enjoys teaching Science Olympiad because of his love for active science and his interest in teaching his knowledge to children.

Walls stated that his  biggest challenge in designing and teaching the course is keeping all students motivated and interested.“ Not all students are interested in the same activities.  It can be difficult to entertain everybody.”

Despite his concerns, a number of Wall’s students in have expressed appreciation for the wide variety of hands on experiments including water balloon launching via gigantic slingshot or pvc launcher, the creation of lacrosse sticks and nets, parachutes, bottle rockets, and paper poppers.

 One of his students, Lainey Goldberg, who will be attending Brookhaven Elementary in the fall stated,“ I would describe Mr. Walls  as active, outgoing, and fun.”

Lola Yan, a sixth grader attending Yorba Linda Middle school in the fall, delared,“I would describe him as very nice and patient.”