Students “Enrich” their Summer with the “Art of Letters”

Mrs. Henry’s students use the calligraphy to create works of art


“I was inspired to create this class for summer enrichment to introduce students to the beauty of hand lettering,“ stated by Mrs. Henry about “The Art of Letters” class being taught at the 2017-2018 PYLUSD Summer Enrichment program at Lakeview Elementary.

Students in this class learn five different calligraphic art forms through various techniques and throughout the course are challenged to create projects that include letters of some kind.

“The biggest challenge in creating this summer enrichment class was whether or not fifth, sixth, and – seventh grade students would be interested in the topic. If a student does not feel artistic he/she may shy away from a class like this,” stated Mrs. Henry.

Mrs. Henry’s students were not “shy” about expressing their enjoyment of the class this summer. Travis student, Karina Shah, age 12 stated, that the “Art of Letters” “is more open and artsy than the actual classroom during the school year.”

Tuffree Middle School student, Rachel Alig, age 13, stated that the best part of the class was “getting to be creative.”

Kramer students, Bronte Judge and Justice Anderson, both age 13, and Travis Ranch student, Hergun Kaur, age 12, enjoyed learning new alphabets styles and appreciated how beautiful the letters could be.

Mrs. Henry teaches students different forms of calligraphy and then has her students use those alphabet forms for such projects as posters, written correspondence and letters, and an acrostic poem using selected calligraphy . “I have created artistic activities that will engage and challenge each individual student. By providing time for practice and showing specific examples I hope to bring out an unknown talent in each artist.”

Kirsten Doan, 13 year old Bernardo Yorba Middle School student said that the class combined “freedom with creativity.”

During the school year Mrs. Henry teaches at Bryant Ranch Elementary, her home school for 21 years. She has taught first, second, fourth, and fifth grade. 

In her free time Mrs. Henry likes to be with her grandchildren, “Doing anything that makes a mess!” She also designs and sews baby quilts, wall hangings, and pillows. When she’s not being a great grandmother she is on her horse, participating  in local horse shows and take long trail rides together.