AVID Goes to UCI


BYMS eighth and seventh grade AVID, and Esperanza AVID went on a field trip to UCI on June1st. “Before we left for UCI we picked up Esperanza High School’s AVID students to come with us.” stated Andrew Cruikshank

To go on the field trip, the AVID students have to have no F’s or N’s and U’s in their grades to be able to go to UCI. If students wish to be in AVID next year they were invited to join on the field trip. At the beginning of the trip the AVID students started to go on a tour, then we went to the food court. They had a choice of pizza, subway, panda express, In and Out, or wendy’s. At UCI the AVID students got to learn all about the college, college history, the mascot, the students, and how to get into the college.

AVID take students to colleges because “We like to take a few college field trips each year so that our AVID students see for themselves what a college looks.  Instead of just hearing from us what college is like, they get to see and hear from a college student.  It helps our students to visualize themselves attending college some day. The best part of the trip was hearing from a former  student of Mrs. Swarm’s.  She told the students how important it was to start thinking about what their passions and skills are so they can focus on a major that will fit them in college.  She gave a lot of insight into college life and having a career afterwards.” stated Mrs. Cyrus.