Student Profile: Angelo Calavitta


Sharing a bathroom or even a bedroom with another sibling can create tension and frustration, especially in the morning when you prepare to go to school, but imagine sharing those spaces with 8 other siblings.

BYMS eighth grade student Angelo Calavitta shares space with 8 siblings. To deal with a family of eight siblings all living in the same house, 4 girls and 4 boys with an age range of nine to 26.

The names and ages of the eighth siblings are Marcello, 9, Macario, 12, Avi, 17, Catania, 19, Genoa, 21, Gino, 23, Antonia, 24, and Ciene, 26.

“I have to adjust to the noise levels and rooms in the house,” stated Angelo Calavitta. In an exclusive interview with the matador messenger.

Angelo stated in an interview with the matador messenger, “The most frustrating things about my siblings are the age differences.”

Angelo explained that the most fun thing about having eight siblings is, “Always having someone to talk to no matter what it is.”

The advice Angelo Calavitta would give to other students who have lots of siblings is to “Treasure the time you have with them because soon enough you won’t see each other anymore.”