BYMS Honors 115 Students at Awards Night


Photo Courtesy of S. Shen

Approximately 115 students, who were invited to Awards and Recognition Night, earned medals for their work in the BYMS MPR on May 30th at 6:30pm.

“Recognition night demonstrates that the students are recognized for their hard work and efforts,” stated Kieth Kish, BYMS language arts teacher and activities director.

Students who were invited to the ceremony received an invitation explaining that they were one of the people who earned an anonymous award for the subject they were nominated for. According to Andrew Fisher, a 7th grade student at BYMS, Awards and Recognition Night made him feel “good about myself because this shows how hard I work.”

“I feel honored to be invited to recognition night because considering how large our school is, only a select handful of people were selected,” explained Christian Smith, a BYMS seventh grader who was invited to recognition night.

When the students were called up to the stage, the received a medal and congratulations from Mr. Marshall in front of an audience full of parents.

“Congratulations to all the other students who got invited to awards night,” stated Christian Smith.