BYMS Honor Society Accepts New Members


Photo Courtesy of K. Kish

A total of 29 BYMS students, who got accepted into the Honor Society, will be attending an induction ceremony on Wednesday, June 7th in the BYMS Multipurpose Room from 6:30-7:30 pm.

“The Honor Society is a service organization. It gives the students an opportunity to work like-minded individuals in service to their community and school,” stated Phil Seitz, one of Bernardo Yorba Middle School’s social studies teachers and Honor Society adviser. “This organization provides a way for students to interact together.”

Students must maintain a 3.5 or greater GPA with no N’s or U’s,” explained Seitz. “Further, they must have a positive teacher recommendation.”

“Students who apply to and are accepted into the Honor Society are recognized for their academic achievement and their good character,” stated  Seitz.

The 7th grade students accepted into the Honor Society include Reese Cabral, Ryan Cabral, Julia Chan, Megan Davis, Francesca Esrada, Lauren Farer, Evelyn Franko, Sydney Fried, Connor Gillespie, Mussaffa Jawed, Samantha Jochum, Brianna Jones, Jacqueline Jung, Rebecca Kam, Katelyn Lee, Samantha Lopez, Madison (Star) Lu, Shaun Mak, Kayline Mallett, Punnya (Priya) Mehta, Katelyn  Miller, Sydney Safford, Tristen Shinen, Elise Stiefel, Kaitlyn Thiha, Elle Williams, Dylan Younes, and Zoe Zadah.

“For many, knowing that they are held accountable to the Honor Society is what is needed for them to strive for academic success in their 8th-grade year,” according to Seitz.