Art Student Of The Week: Jasmine Pham


Photo Courtesy of: Heba Kharouf

“I love studying the techniques of drawing so that when I draw in the future, my pictures will be more realistic. I also enjoy painting the skeletons that we had out for Open House,” stated Jasmine Pham, eighth grade art student of the week.

BYMS art teacher, Mrs. Bailey, explains how Jasmine demonstrates a positive attitude and has the urge to succeed in all her pieces of work.

“She proves to others that maintaining a positive attitude and working diligently will create an outstanding artist,” explained Mrs.Bailey saying how Jasmine is a role model.

Outside of school, Jasmine enjoys taking private violin lessons after school because it helps her prepare for her school concerts and class.

“I’d like to thank Mrs. Bailey for teaching me new skills and giving me advice on projects,” added Jasmine Pham.