Language Arts Student of the Week: Cindy Wang


Photo Courtesy of Lauren Farer

“My initial reaction for being chosen for the student of the week was, what is the student of the week?,” stated Cindy Wang an 8th grader at Bernardo Yorba Middle School.

“Cindy has such a positive attitude, a true zest for learning, and a work ethic that leads to excellence,” stated Mrs. Perez, eighth grade Honors Language Arts teacher.

Cindy Wang stated, “I enjoy everything in the class but the essays we have to do,” stated Cindy Wang. Cindy has some challenges with her language arts class. “Writing is definitely one of the harder things in this class which I am not really used to,” she added.

Outside of school, Cindy enjoys drawing and ice skating.

Cindy has two particularly notable projects. “The first is her art entry for the Chapman Holocaust Remembrance contest. It was chosen as the best art entry from among the three honors classes. Additionally, Cindy and Elyzabeth Anderson created a phenomenal Google Slide Show for their essential questions presentations on women spies during World War II,” stated Mrs. Perez.

Cindy enjoys the light and friendly atmosphere of Mrs. Perez’s classroom. She loves that she gets to learn something new every day.