Social Studies Student of the Week: Bethany Barks

Social Studies Student of the Week: Bethany Barks

“Bethany stands out because she always sets an example in her work, participation, attitude, and helpfulness to her elbow partner,” stated Mr. Phil Seitz

“Bethany recently completed a Lewis and Clark website and she earned 38 out of 30. EXTRA CREDIT! She did an outstanding job with very thorough writing,” stated Mr. Phil Seitz BYMS 8th grade social studies teacher.

“Bethany has an elbow partner that is need of assistance on a regular basis. Bethany is particularly helpful by pointing out what her partner should be doing at the right time and then guiding that person so that they can get their work done.”

Bethany enjoys solo singing with California Music Studios outside of school.

“I enjoy the DBQ’s and the timelines the most,” Barks stated. “ Social Studies is honestly my favorite class and Mr. Seitz has made it a much more enjoyable class.”