BYMS Winter Guard Wins First Place in Championships


photo courtesy of Lisa Gersbache

The BYMS Winter Guard team earned first place in the WGASC, Winter Guard Association of Southern California Championships on April 22, at Huntington Beach High School.

During the competition, the guard was judged on appearance, skill, and footwork. The team meets two times a week and sometimes three if the have a competition the following Saturday.

Each member of the guard has different, but similar responses; “I wasn’t surprised when we won because I know that everyone on the team did such a great job at their last show as either 7th or 8th graders,” reported Hailey Abler, 8th grader.

“My reaction to winning the award was that I almost started crying,” stated Sophia Sernaque, 8th grader.

At first I was shocked, then total joy and finally I’d say I felt satisfaction that all our hard work paid off,” reported Lisa Gersbacher, team mom, in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

The guard performed their show, “Travel’n Soldier”, a classic love story between a soldier and a waitress. After the soldier leaves, the waitress gets a devastating note saying the love of her life is dead. The show ends with the soldier coming back to her, and a romantic arch to end the scene.

“We all practiced so hard for two hours every Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes Friday. I think future Color Guard members should know that being on the team is great for making friends. We all work so hard together and go through so much with each other,” reported Maya Alvarez, 8th grader.

In addition to learning to spin flags in unison to music, members of the guard also dance, spin  rifle, and perform gymnastics. Some of the flag parts include tosses back and forth, and “J-tosses”. Some dance parts include leaps and lifts. Also members  there were house tosses and quads/fives.

“The flag sequence was amazing. It looked good, sounded good. It was so pretty,” reported Brittney Lowhan, coach of the BYMS Colorguard team, in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

Many of the guard members wanted to thank their coaches, including Adalantra White, 8th grade guard member.“ To Brittany: thank you for putting up with me, even when I was the most annoying person you have ever met. To the Captains: I don’t know how you did it, but thank you for keeping up and always, always pushing us to do better.”

“ I think our coaches Brittney and Anita did a great job with us this year and our captains Abby, Makayla, and Tori did a great job running rehearsals while our coaches couldn’t come,” reported 8th grader Maya Alvarez.

“ Brittany and Anita are great coaches, well besides the few moments of yelling… But they’re still great,” reported 8th grader Rachel Remington.

“ And to our Coach Brittany I just want to say,’ Thank you for an amazing two years. You showed me I can be so much more than what I am, you encouraged me to be my very best. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without you, you gave me the confidence I needed to do everything you taught me. And thank you for all the stories that we will remember, and the jokes you made. And for setting us up for success,’” stated 8th grader, Tatum  Schroeder.