AVID Student of the Week: Brilee Vargas


“I was really surprised,” stated seventh-grade BYMS student, Brilee Vargas, when she was told that she had been chosen as student of the week for AVID by her teacher, Mrs. Cyrus.

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is an elective for students who want to prepare for high school and have a goal of attending a four-year university. Students are interviewed and selected for the program taught by Mrs. Cyrus and Mrs. Swarm.

“Brilee Vargas is always on task, completes her assignments and is willing to learn new ways to improve her academics,” stated Mrs. Cyrus, BYMS AVID teacher. “In all of our group activities, she stands out because of her collaboration skills. She gets along well with others and will take the lead on something if needed,” added Mrs. Cyrus.

“She behaves, completes her assignments, and never complains. She is always very prepared for the day,” stated Mrs. Cyrus.

Outside of school, Brilee enjoys swimming, playing soccer and volleyball.

“This class has improved my grades and it really prepared me for high school and even college. AVID is life-changing,” stated Vargas.