BYMS Elects New Officers for 2017-2018 School Year


photo courtesy of Lauren Farer and Bella Knight . Secretary Star Lu, President Jordan Holmes, Treasurer Zoe Zadah, Maya de la Torre Vice President

BYMS seventh graders on Friday, April 7th, have chosen the following as their ASB officers for the 2017-2018 school year: Jordan Holmes, ASB President, Maya De La Torre, ASB Vice President, Star Lu, ASB Secretary, and Zoe Zadah, ASB Treasurer.

Seventh graders listened to the candidate’s speeches during an assembly on Thursday, April 6th.

Jordan Holmes’ initial reaction to winning ASB President was “I was extremely happy and shocked. I was also a little in disbelief because of how big of a role I’d be playing next year. I felt like all my hard work had payed off.” Jordan says that he ran for ASB President because he wanted to be more involved in school.

Maya De La Torre, who was elected as ASB Vice President stated, “I chose to run for president because I believed that with the help of the President, I could make BYMS a better place even though it is great already.” Maya wants to improve the school’s financial goals to get more school activities.

The officers will also be enrolled in the BYMS Leadership class and will begin their terms in the fall of 2017.